Sequoia & Kings Canyon Video

by Eric 26. September 2014 17:49
Sequoia Construction


Harley and BMW On Kings Canyon Road

Sequoia National Park

by eric 26. September 2014 17:25

We woke up early after sleeping in a fleabag hotel somewhere outside of Oakhurst, at least the bikes were still there. We took E Kings Canyon Road into the park, that alone is worth the ride. Continuing into the park the road and the scenery gets better too. We stopped at the General Sherman Tree one of the oldest trees on Earth estimated to be between 2300-2700 years old and we also got to see a Black Bear who seemed oblivious to people. There was some construction zones, one had a pilot car; but it was not difficult Coming out of the construction zone we rode along with some BMW riders from Maryland. 







You might be able to make out the bear?


Yosemite National Park

by eric 25. September 2014 17:32

Yosemite National Park spans over 740 thousand acres and 3.7 million people visit the park each year. This is my second trip here and Mike's first, it's a park I always hoped to revisit and I would go back again. Traffic was not bad at all and it's cool enough making a leisurely ride comfortable. Little trivia Yosemite National Park is roughly the size of Rhode Island.







Death Valley & June Lake & Tioga Pass Video

by Eric 25. September 2014 09:48
Death Valley
June Lake
Tioga Pass

Lee Vining And Tioga Pass

by eric 24. September 2014 11:52

Mike and I stayed in the little town of Lee Vining located at the base of Tioga Pass and just 13 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. We arrived early and sat at a cafe for a while (free WiFi is always good) it was too early to get into the room. Then off to Bodie Mike’s Barbeque where I had some beers and we ate some decent BBQ and we called it an early night. Waking up in Lee Vining at an altitude of almost 6800 feet the temperature was very nice and we were off to see Yosemite. Tioga Pass is a scenic road that takes you into Yosemite but beaware it is subject to closure due to snow from October to May.




Death Valley To June Lake

by eric 24. September 2014 05:23

Death Valley started off with pleasant temperature but it's called death valley for a reason. It got hot not the worst heat I've ridden in but hot enough. The road through death valley is an amazing road with lots of twist and turns coming out you face the Sierra Nevada's.  Heading up 395 passing quaint little towns as we head for June lake. 




Beatty Nevada And Bad Drivers

by eric 24. September 2014 05:19

On the road to Beatty weather is good but the drivers on the road are horrible. First Mike gets cut off by an aggressive driver who I exchanges a few pleasantries with, we made it out of Arizona and into Nevada.  After stopping at Henderson Harley Davidson for coffee and to stretch our legs, then it got interesting on a two lane road I almost had a head on collision with two cars, one coming close enough that I had to take evasive action. We made it to Beatty and we're hoping for smooth sailing from here on.



My Bud Did Not Blink - Tombstone - GoPro Goes Flying

by eric 22. August 2014 15:44

So me and my buddy Mike decide to take a ride down to Tombstone. The day we are going to leave it's raining and it's raining pretty hard. So I'm waiting for the call from Mike, you know the call do you really think we should go on this trip? Well Mike shows up at 8am dressed in rain gear it's pouring out and it looks like we might get some clear weather in a 100 or so miles. No such luck, 325 miles of rain or wet. Turn on the news after arriving in Tombstone and it turns out there was major rain all over the state. At least when we got to Tombstone it stop raining for a while, we did the tourist thing and had a decent dinner.



On the way back we had good weather except for about 20 miles of light rain. I noticed that my GoPro camera seemed to be shaking around a bit, more than normal. I only had about 6 miles to go and kept riding. Of course the mount broke and I was able to catch it momentarily with my foot and give it a little punt away from the bike. It hit the ground and I saw it explode into pieces, I was bummed. Well it turned out the case did its job, found the battery, camera, LCD back and it was still working. So now I'm bummed because I lost the memory card and I think I had some good video of the walls of water we were riding in. Need a new case, but I'm impressed that it survived the impact at 60 mph.







Five National Parks In Utah And Good Eats

by eric 12. August 2014 04:49

Even though we experienced rain everyday it was still a good road trip. Visiting Caynonlands, Arches, Capital Reef, Zion and Bryce National Parks and we rode through Escalante Grand Staircase. By the way Capital Reef is a park that you don't pay to enter and if you miss the sign you might not know that you were there.


We stayed in Moab, Escalante and Kanab and rode about 1200 miles in four days; it was a relaxing road trip. If you go to Moab I recommend the Moab Brewery, in Escalante I would go to Escalante Outfitters they had good pizza and in Kanab I've always liked The Rocking V Cafe.









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