Tribute Rides In Arizona

by Eric 16. April 2014 16:05

Went on a few tribute rides, here is video from those rides.


Five Years On A Harley & 78,000 Miles Later

by eric 1. February 2014 06:12

January 2009 I purchased my first Harley Davidson a new 2009 Road King and In less than four years I rode that bike more than 62,000 miles, that was my introduction to owning a Harley. I traded the Road King in for the ultimate full dresser a gently used 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited which I've now had for a little more than a year. I've slowed down a little but still managed to put 16,000 miles on my new bike to me and what a nice ride it's been. After 78,000 miles: I've been too 12 U.S. States, British Columbia, more than 18  National Parks, met more people than I can remember and on two bikes that are more comfortable than I could ever hope for.


Here are some photos from the road trip I took on my five year anniversary of Harley ownership. I rode down to Tombstone and while there I visited Patagonia and Nogales.







FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots Review

by eric 13. December 2013 05:42

FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots I purchased these boots about six months ago I was immediately impressed with the build quality of these $140.00 boots (easily found at $120.00). These are light weight mesh boots that required no break in and from the get go were comfortable. For the last four years I've been using Sidi Onroad boots by far the best boots I've owned (retail $360.00). As much as I like the Sidi boots they can be a bit warm; not surprising considering how much protection they offer.


Well after living in Arizona a few years I really needed boots for warmer weather but didn't want to break the bank. After about six thousand miles in the Firstgear boots I have zero complaints; are they built as nicely as the Sidi boot? Well no, but the boots are less than half the cost (actually 66% less money) and a great bang for the buck.


I've used these boots in all types of weather and they have kept my feet cool and warm; my feet even stayed dry after riding in the rain for hundreds  of miles during a recent Colorado trip (I do have fairing lowers so your results might be different.) The height of the boot is fairly tall but not as tall as the Sidi, there is reinforcement and padding in all the right places too.


If you're in the market for an inexpensive warm weather boot the FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots are definitely worth a look at.

Firstgear boots on the left and Sidi on the right.





Prescott AZ to Laughlin In Photos

by Eric 8. December 2013 14:32

Views From The Cockpit

by eric 5. October 2013 03:02

These photos were taken from the bike in the Greer area in Arizona.





Riding Up Salt River Canyon

by Eric 4. October 2013 09:27

Enjoying the ride and the weather heading up to Greer.

The Cost Of Being Seen – Motolight & BrightAssLights Video

by Eric 20. September 2013 06:48

The Cost Of Being Seen – Motolight & BrightAssLights

by eric 20. September 2013 06:40

I had installed on my Road King Harley’s fog light kit (best bang for the buck) mounted to the crash bar, always liked the additional light but couldn’t mount them on the glide because of the fairing lowers. Motolights are used by many Police Departments and Beemer riders have been using them for many years.

Motolight makes a kit specifically for HD touring models that comes prewired to use the Auxiliary switch that’s already on the bike. Installation is easy comes with all the necessary hardware; I took the more difficult route by removing the gas tank and running the wires along the frame next to the main wiring harness. The easy way is to just fish the wires up under the tank and secure them; I wanted to do it in a way that looks OEM and I know no wires are touching something they shouldn’t.

I knew the Motolight’s were bright during the day time and that was my main purpose of my purchase. I do not do much night riding but I went for a couple of short night rides to test them out. For you night riders you won’t be disappointed, they’re bright and put the light were you need it. The pattern seems to be fairly wide so you can light up the critters on the side of the road but also fill in the frontal area in places that the spot lights and headlight don’t.  With the headlight on high beam with the Motolight’s on the visibility is excellent almost too bright if there are large road signs. In low beam you have so much light that for the most part you don’t feel the need to use the high beam unless it’s truly a desolate road.

In conclusion the Motolight’s are bright really bright (I got them with the 50 watt bulbs) and are really well made from aircraft aluminum. Those two lights practically drown out the headlight and spot lights during the daytime and I can’t recommend these lights enough.

I had installed a tail light from BrightAssLights on my Road King. The Geezer Glide as plenty of rear lighting but in my opinion there’s never enough with all the distracted drivers on the road. Installation is straight forward remove the two screws holding the tail light, replace with gasket that’s comes in the kit plug new tail light install screws you’re done. The light as multiple light patterns and bulb intensity to choose from, I’ve set mine at the highest and to flash as you apply the brakes then becoming a steady light.

But what is the the cost to be seen? Well the Motolight’s are about $400 dollars and the BrightAssLight is around $200 dollars, still cheaper than a trip to the Emergency Room.

Link to BrightAssLights

Link to Motolight






Mt Evans High Altitude With An Attitude

by eric 16. August 2013 04:42

I woke up in Idaho Springs and the weather was gloomy, light rain and chilly. I’m gassing up for me ride to the summit of Mt Evans the highest paved road in North America. Chatting with a guy on a bike at the station he told me he rode up there day before and in this weather he did not think it was a good idea. He mentions I think it’s either going to be snowing up there and or sleeting. Off I go got to try and like he said it was sleeting and snowing. The road was just fine though and I stayed away from the shoulder. This post is out of order!





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