Riding On The Million Dollar Highway

by Eric 22. June 2014 04:06


530 Miles And The Million Dollar Highway

by eric 22. June 2014 04:02

Waking up at 5am in Rico I can tell you it's cold, frost on the seat and I knew heated gear was in order and after plugging in it was up the San Juan Skyway across through Ridgway and onto the Million Dollar Highway. I was there last year but had to ride it in the rain; it's much better when it's dry. This is my third time riding this spectacular road and don't ever think I'll tire of it. It was a long day covering 500+ miles on mainly secondary roads.




Riding On The San Juan Skyway

by Eric 21. June 2014 13:56

Rico Colorado & The San Juan Skyway

by eric 21. June 2014 13:50

I've never rode on the San Juan Skyway and never been to Rico. So after talking to a guy at a Pub he told me I should check it out and off I went. Rico is a small town of about 200 located on Highway 145. I stayed at the Rico Hotel and had one of the best dinners I've had in a long time at the Argentine Grill located in the hotel.







A Flat Tire On A Motorcycle Sucks

by eric 21. June 2014 13:46

I'm heading to Rico Colorado and cruising through Navajo Nation when I see a State Trooper and motorcycle on the side of the road. As I pass I see the bike as a rear flat and pull over to see if I can help. The rider as tire plugs and he gives it a shot but unfortunately the tire is split and the plug will not work. I really felt bad that there was nothing we could do to get them back on the road and all he could do was wait for a Flatbed. 


Roswell New Mexico

by eric 10. June 2014 03:20

I like offbeat places or at least places that I think are off the beaten path. I decided to go to Roswell the place where a UFO crash landed in 1947. I should have done my research; Roswell is a city nothing more or less at least that's all it seemed to me. Yea there are a lot of UFO references throughout the city, statues and UFO posters are everywhere. I suppose it did not help my disposition with it being 103 degrees out. Thankfully there's not a lot of traffic because after one day in Roswell I was ready to go home and it was a 575 mile ride home.




Secorro - New Mexico

by eric 10. June 2014 03:10

Secorro, New Mexico good food at the El Camino Restaurant and I met some really nice people there too. I paid the price the following day hanging with my new friends the night before. New Mexico is a beautiful place to ride, wide open roads and not too much traffic.







Route 66 Seligman & Williams

by eric 31. May 2014 12:25

Route 66 can be a desolate forgotten place that has been bypassed by some major roadway but it can be a thriving place too. I've been to both the forgotten towns and towns that thrive because they're on Route 66.


The towns of Seligman and Williams in Arizona are towns that are thriving because of there're fame of being on Route 66. Both offer an abundance of souvenir shops, plenty of Kodak moments  and good places to eat. They're not cookie cutter towns they feel different and look different from each other even though they both have many similarities.


You'll find plenty of tourist from many countries and lots of motorcycles. On my recent ride to Williams I met Marcus from London he started in Chicago and was making his way across Route 66.














Rachel Nevada Home To The Little A'Le'Inn

by eric 9. May 2014 15:56

Rachel is really in the middle of nowhere, population 54 and is the closest habitation to Area 51. The Inn seems to be a good gathering place for the town. It's not just the town that gathers there but people from all over, in my one night there I met people from South Africa, Australia and from cities all around the U.S.


It's a friendly place the Inn serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The people there are quick to let you join in the conversation and make sure to say hello to Cody and Morgan. The rooms are neat at least like nothing I've ever seen before, my room was a converted house trailer with a room at each end and a shared bathroom in the middle. The rooms where clean and the food was good too and the prices are reasonable.


It was a fun two day trip and almost 1000 miles on the bike; I'm back.








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