Winding Roads And Desert Landscapes

by eric 3. November 2014 06:49

Leaving Borrego Springs heading north through Palm Desert onto Highway 74 making our way to the Julian area were we'll spend the night. After getting through the busy Palm Desert area it becomes a comfortable scenic ride. We find a place to stay have some good food and head out the next day back to home. 







Large Creatures In Borrego Springs

by eric 1. November 2014 10:43

Located within Borrego Springs is Galleta Meadows Estate and on the estate lies large metal sculptures created by Ricardo Breceda. It's an unusual site to see while you're riding down the road and there are more than 125 sculptures located in the area.






Salty Air And Dead Fish In Route To Borrego Springs

by eric 30. October 2014 09:04

Off to see the Salton Sea where the highest point is five feet higher than the lowest point in Death Valley. It's a strange place, almost looks abandoned with very few people present and dead fish along the shore line. The towns that surround the area look half abandoned too, with few services and less people. Interesting place to visit and not far from Borrego Springs a place I'm familiar with.







On The Road To Lake Havasu City

by eric 30. October 2014 08:48

Heading out with my buddy Mike to Lake Havasu to eat good Tapas at Cha-Bones restaurant. The weather is very good in this area this time of year, cooling off at night and the morning and not to hot during the day. After finding a place to stay we head out for some good food and make some friends along the way







Sequoia & Kings Canyon Video

by Eric 26. September 2014 17:49
Sequoia Construction


Harley and BMW On Kings Canyon Road

Sequoia National Park

by eric 26. September 2014 17:25

We woke up early after sleeping in a fleabag hotel somewhere outside of Oakhurst, at least the bikes were still there. We took E Kings Canyon Road into the park, that alone is worth the ride. Continuing into the park the road and the scenery gets better too. We stopped at the General Sherman Tree one of the oldest trees on Earth estimated to be between 2300-2700 years old and we also got to see a Black Bear who seemed oblivious to people. There was some construction zones, one had a pilot car; but it was not difficult Coming out of the construction zone we rode along with some BMW riders from Maryland. 







You might be able to make out the bear?


Yosemite National Park

by eric 25. September 2014 17:32

Yosemite National Park spans over 740 thousand acres and 3.7 million people visit the park each year. This is my second trip here and Mike's first, it's a park I always hoped to revisit and I would go back again. Traffic was not bad at all and it's cool enough making a leisurely ride comfortable. Little trivia Yosemite National Park is roughly the size of Rhode Island.







Death Valley & June Lake & Tioga Pass Video

by Eric 25. September 2014 09:48
Death Valley
June Lake
Tioga Pass

Lee Vining And Tioga Pass

by eric 24. September 2014 11:52

Mike and I stayed in the little town of Lee Vining located at the base of Tioga Pass and just 13 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. We arrived early and sat at a cafe for a while (free WiFi is always good) it was too early to get into the room. Then off to Bodie Mike’s Barbeque where I had some beers and we ate some decent BBQ and we called it an early night. Waking up in Lee Vining at an altitude of almost 6800 feet the temperature was very nice and we were off to see Yosemite. Tioga Pass is a scenic road that takes you into Yosemite but beaware it is subject to closure due to snow from October to May.




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