I surpassed the 100,000 mile mark

by eric 16. August 2015 09:37

I surpassed the 100k mile mark, on two Harleys. I rode 62k miles on my 09 Road King and now rode 38k+ miles on my 11 Electra Glide Limited. Both bikes have been a pleasure despite what I've read on the internet, I would say Harley makes a very reliable motorcycle. For many a Harley is all about making it their own, with a vast selection of accessories, it's not hard to do. What I like is how good the bikes are right out of the box, but I've added things that make it better for me and safer.


Things I've added are Motolights I wrote about them here, Bright Ass Lights  tail light, my review and the video here. I also added Trucklight Phase 7 LED spotlights and headlight, not only are they very bright at night but they also use half the wattage when compared to stock. I purchased the Trucklight lights here. I have found that the Trucklights are not as visible during the day from certain angles, but I'm completely happy with them because the Motolights are very visible during the day. Here is a video showing the output of these lights, with this setup it is far the best lighting I've ever had on a motorcycle.



Monument Valley

by Eric 13. August 2015 10:38

Southern Utah

by Eric 13. August 2015 10:37

Rain Heading Into Alpine

by Eric 13. August 2015 10:35

Rolling Down The Road

by Eric 13. August 2015 10:30

It's Hot Very Hot Out There

by eric 18. June 2015 06:50

Marian and I went for a ride to Kanab UT, it's a familiar place having been there many times. It should have been a easy ride but the heat (103) it made it somewhat of a chore. The biggest problem was the Tar Snakes on the road, it made for some interesting riding if not downright scary. The slipping and sliding felt around some bends was un-nerving to say the least and we decided that night after enjoying a wonderful dinner at the Rocking V Cafe and spending night  at the Parry Lodge we would take a different route home. In the morning we headed out, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and we ended up staying In Blanding, UT. Blanding was not a bad place to stay, but it's a dry town so have your own beer or enjoy some Ice Tea instead.







City Boy Hanging With Country Boys

by eric 16. May 2015 06:30

A group of us went to the Hank Williams Jr. concert in Laughlin, NV. At first I wasn't really interested but I figured why not it will be a nice ride and with a group of friends. I'm glad I went, the music was good and the company was even better. I guess we all have a little country in us; give it a try, check it out, you just might have a good time.




Better Than A Fleabag

by eric 15. March 2015 08:32

My riding partner Marian and I went to Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort in Tucson. Accommodations were much better than any place I usually end up at, good food, very nice staff and we even went for a horseback ride. You can check out the resort here Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort




Winding Roads And Desert Landscapes

by eric 3. November 2014 06:49

Leaving Borrego Springs heading north through Palm Desert onto Highway 74 making our way to the Julian area were we'll spend the night. After getting through the busy Palm Desert area it becomes a comfortable scenic ride. We find a place to stay have some good food and head out the next day back to home. 







Large Creatures In Borrego Springs

by eric 1. November 2014 10:43

Located within Borrego Springs is Galleta Meadows Estate and on the estate lies large metal sculptures created by Ricardo Breceda. It's an unusual site to see while you're riding down the road and there are more than 125 sculptures located in the area.






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