I'm The Forrest Gump Of Kauai

by eric 23. April 2010 07:55

I have my dream bike the one I lusted after since 1991 when it was called an Electra Glide Sport. Growing up in New York and working for the NYPD I think always made me want what is essentially a Police Motor Officers bike. January 20, 2009 I pick up my 2009 Harley Davidson Road King, equipped with Anti-locking Brakes (ABS), Electronic Cruise Control, Alarm System and Windshield.

Now grant you I live on an island that’s 72 miles end to end on the roadway, that’s it, it’s the Pacific Ocean after that.  I start to ride and ride and ride. I start to ride almost every day, I’m really enjoying this bike and it brings back memories of younger days. This is the first motorcycle since my old 1976 CB750F that feels like you’re riding a machine not some high tech gadget.

I kept saying to myself fool you’re on an island that 72 miles end to end your freedom stops at the 72 mile marker.  That’s it turn around and ride back, find some side roads to keep it entertaining.  After one year still I somehow managed to ride 18,569 miles and in one day I managed to ride 307 miles for an event that Harley-Davidson sponsors called Million Mile Monday.

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