Planning, Planning, Planning

by eric 23. April 2010 08:20

I start to make a list of the things I will need; that grows into the list of things I want. Charts and graphs a full on assault on how to plan a road trip, I will not be caught short. Did I mention that I have never done this before or that I have only camped out a total of five days in my life? Now I’m looking at tents, sleeping bags, camp stove and learning about road life from the internet. I start reading about road food what’s easy to cook, I learn about stoves, tents, water bottles and the information keeps coming. I learn about supplies, tools, clothing and so many things that are necessary for an extended road trip. I’m armed with the knowledge of the internet and I have convinced myself that not only can I do this but I’m going to like it. This is from the man who said for more than twenty years that camping is a hotel without room service. I want to do this, I truly want to wake up in a tent and make myself something to eat.

I added a GPS system, an IPOD controller, power outlet to power these various items, I have installed grab bars to tie down items and I coin holder for those pesky toll booths. I have purchased clothing that will allow me to ride in many different climates. Living here on Kauai you only have to have clothing for one season. I have learned from past touring that if you’re cold and wet it’s the miserable experience. My boots as waterproof, my jacket has a built in rain coat, over pants for added protection and I have a complete rain suit to back that up. Three pairs of gloves to cover an entire temperature range.  

Tools, tools, let’s see air compressor, tire repair kit, flashlight, tool bag I’m just going to say it’s 7 pounds of tools. I do not want to get stuck on the side of the road if it’s something I can remedy.

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