The Welcome Committee

by eric 7. May 2010 02:39

This is my welcoming party really nice couple from Vancouver, Canada who I met on the plane in route to Seattle. We talked almost the entire trip and we exchanged information and they told me to give them a call when I’m in their area. It was a great way to start a trip and for sure will call them when I make my way up to Vancouver.


5/7/2010 5:29:51 AM #


Aloha Eric! Glad you arrived safely and probably have good weather (for the PNW) as it's sunny here in Vancouver. Much easier to come home to, that's for sure. We really enjoyed talking to you on the flight home, make sure you contact us when you come up to Vancouver! Jim + Kirsten

Kirsten Canada

5/10/2010 8:38:43 AM #


Thanks Jim and Kirsten, been great weather and I look forward to visitng Vancouver, will call when I get there.


eric United States

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