My Motorcycle Is Here - Watching A Professional

by eric 12. May 2010 17:33

Honolulu Freight called me yesterday to tell me that my motorcycle was ready to be picked up. My Bud Greg took time off from work so we could get the bike today.  It arrived in one piece absolutely perfect and what a relief.

Greg did all the work: uncrated it for me, never get in the way of a professional, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. After watching Greg do all the work all I had to do was take the tie-downs off, he did mention a few times, what was my function. He was doing a good job, didn't look like he needed my help Smile. Now I know what a Single Jack Sledge Hammer is, basically a one person sledge hammer; he did the work but I do pay attention.

Bike started no problem and the people at Honolulu Freight were great. I went for a short 150 mile ride, more to come.

Leaving the heavy lifting to the professional

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