This Is Not An Island

by eric 12. May 2010 18:26

I’ve been riding on a small island for the past 4 years and this is no small island. First time I’ve been able to cruise with this bike above 70 mph and I mean cruise not rev it up and back it down. Set the cruise control and go, then the first thing you realize is how fast things are happening, second thing you realize you better pay attention.

Then I almost got taken out by a bird, this was no ordinary bird, as a former New Yorker and coming from Kauai it was not ordinary to me. Cruising down the road cruise on 75 mph and a bird with a wingspan of four or five (4-5) feet swoops down and fly’s what seems like a few feet over my head. I really thought I was going to be taken out by a freaking bird. You really have to pay attention, now I have to worry about what’s in the sky.

Cruised from Pike Place Market to Snoqualmie National Forrest and grabbed a bite to eat at a truck stop in North Bend. The kind of truck stop where the waitress introduces herself and asks your name too and my food was ten dollars and all you can eat.

Greg and I went for a ride and bite to eat, busy day today and tomorrow I'm heading out for a ride.

More to come this is just a teaser.

Thats a dirt road, the King does just fine


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