Mount Baker - Highway 542

by eric 14. May 2010 03:41

Today was supposed to be a 150-200 mile ride day; at least that’s was the plan. Turned into almost a 400 mile day, weather was great and as I drove past the road sign for Mt. Baker I couldn’t resist. Just unbelievable the scenery, tallest, widest and the density of the trees are unreal.

If you know Kauai and the road that starts in Waimea and ends in Kokee, think twice as fast and three times more road. Mt. Baker Highway (542) is 30 miles and goes from fast sweepers to 15 mph hairpins, you must pay attention.  You start off in dense forest and end in is snow, the snow is 10-15 feet high.  I got to ride my bike across a little patch of snow that was a first for me on this bike.

As you ride up there are little towns dotted along the highway, some look like they belong in Europe. There is so much to explore just heading up Mt. Baker, but I needed to make time so I did not really get to enjoy the towns.

Thursday is also the day that my pals like to go for a ride, so I need to head back. My bud Greg and his gal Nancy are waiting patiently waiting for me, ok maybe not so patient, but waiting.

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