First Week Of Riding

by eric 19. May 2010 18:27

Have not had a chance to ride has much as I would have liked to my first week but still managed to ride almost 800 miles and hope to do a big ride this weekend weather permitting. I’m still getting used to the speed and going from averaging 30 mph to more than 70 mph takes some getting used to. Nothing like riding past cars at 70 mph in the HOV lane while they are just creeping along, knowing that if a car pulls out you’re going to have a problem. Did a 50 mile ride in the rain the other day, bike felt good, I stayed dry, warm and I think my gear is working well.


My first week of riding, almost taken out by a bird, ran over a dog, road through some snow, road 50 miles in rain storm and I washed my bike at a Carwash, it's been anything but boring.

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