Idaho – Beer And A Lesson Learned

by eric 24. May 2010 04:46

Pete already having grumbled about when we would get a room somewhere and relax for the night; I blurt out if you guys show me Idaho I’ll buy the beer. Never will I do that again, like two dogs hearing a whistle their heads turned and looked at me and said we are going to Idaho. No discussion, no grumbling, just a 90 mph ride to Lewiston, Idaho and a lesson learned. I did get to see a little bit of Idaho and we stayed at what the locals called the Crack House Motel, it was a dump but it was cheap. We eat at Bojack's, ordering T-Bone Steaks and it was very good and the beer kept flowing all night. Sorry for the lack of pictures in Idaho, here are some random pictures in route and the next day.

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