Ferry Boats And Bypassing The Traffic

by eric 1. June 2010 17:51

Took a ride over to Whidbey Island came in across the bridge into Oak Harbor located at the island’s northern point, visited Greg’s parent’s road to Clinton the southern end and took a ferry to Mukilteo. Weather was once again not cooperating and we did not explore much of the island and basically road down the middle of the island, still was a nice ride wet but not as cold as it’s been. Greg’s parent’s made sure we kept warm with plenty of fresh brewed coffee.

Took another ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle, it’s a longer ferry ride compared to Whidbey and lasted about an hour. The best thing about using the ferry is if you are on a motorcycle you get to ride to the head of the line, your bike goes on first and you unload first. We couldn’t do it on the Whidbey ferry because the boat was already loading but we got to cruise by all the cars waiting in line during the Holiday weekend.

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