There Are Some Big Stores Here

by eric 3. June 2010 09:15

The Harley-Davidson dealerships are unbelievably big here, they have coffee shops in them, they sell sandwiches and they stock what seems like the entire Harley-Davidson Catalog. They even do oil changes and other simple maintenance while you wait. Seems like all the motorcycle places here are big and have a great inventory to choose from.

Went to Cabela’s sporting goods store in Lacey, my Bud Greg built this store, it’s huge and we spent a couple of hours in it looking around. There is a dining area and I had a Buffalo Burger that was pretty good, they also serve Elk, Vension and other exotic meats. I have never been in a sporting goods store like this and if you are in the area I think you should check it out, there are all kinds of Safari themed areas, laser shooting range, places to eat and much more.



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