300 Mile Plan Turned Into 450 Miles – Great Burger At McFarlins’s Bar & Grill

by eric 9. June 2010 16:43

I planned on riding to Eugene, OR about 300 miles get a room and be done for the night, turned into a 450 mile ride to Bandon, OR and a great burger at McFarlin’s Bar & Grill. The ride well it rained about 375 miles of the 450 miles and once I got off I-5 onto Route 38 the scenery was amazing even in the rain. Oregon looks like the Emerald Forrest it’s so green, lush the trees are covered in moss and even in the rain it’s beautiful, just not for cameras. l stopped to take a picture and noticed a few bikes going buy and caught up with them and followed them to a hotel, Bandon Inn and booked a room, I was hungry.

McFarlin’s Bar & Grill I highly recommend it, the staff is friendly, attentive and the owner Alan wants to hear what you have to say. This is what I have to say, my burger was the best burger I’ve had in a long time; Blue Cheese Bacon Burger that needed to be cut in half with a salad (you can get fries), not a plain blah blah salad a really good salad with bacon, egg and much more, you will not go away hungry, go check them out if you’re in the area.  Sorry about the lack of pictures.

This was another lesson in good gear I stayed warm and dry the whole ride, you can not just go and ride you need to be prepared do some research about the gear you will need, gear for motorcyclist not runners, scuba divers, mountain climbers, gear for people that ride motorcycles.

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