Mt Rainier The Road To Paradise

by eric 24. June 2010 03:41

Mt Rainier looks larger than life when you can see it; the weather here often makes it impossible to see; when you can it looms larger than life. Today was a good weather day and I visited the National Park and took the road to Paradise, Paradise receives more than 675 inches of snow a year, and it’s beautiful. The road to Paradise is a little rough, there are signs that say “Motorcyclist Use Extreme Caution” heed this warning and you won’t have any problems. The scenery is spectacular, you can feel the changes in temperature, snow is everywhere, road climbs to 5400 feet, Mt Rainer is more impressive the closer you get and you get to enjoy it since its slow going. If you have a National Parks Pass it won’t cost you anything to get in, otherwise its 15 dollars.

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