Lake Christina, British Columbia – Grand Coulee Dam, Washington

by eric 30. June 2010 04:23

Back into British Columbia heading up more towards eastern Washington which tends to be dryer and warmer for what I hope is a more pleasant ride. Last week after beautiful weather riding up we had a lot of rain and chilly weather for the ride back and I’m trying to avoid a repeat. Will take 90 over the Snoqualmie Pass and then to 97 and cross into Osoyoos, BC, head east on 3 to Christina Lake and stay the night there. We are leaving on July 1 Canada’s Independence Day and I expect more traffic than usual.

For the ride back we are going to take 21 down to 155 and visit The Grand Coulee Dam the largest concrete structure in the United States. More to come in the following days and I hope to get some decent pictures.

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