Lolo Pass - Idaho To Whitefish – Montana

by eric 11. July 2010 13:07

My trip has taken a detour I planned on riding to Missoula, Montana following Highway 12 across the Lolo pass and then turning around and come back the same way, I ended up in Whitefish, Montana. The ride to Lolo Pass is one of the better rides, there are signs indicating “Curves For The Next 99 Miles” and they vary in difficulty but all can easily be ridden safely as long as you pay attention. I did come across one Deer that was less than 4 feet from my lane and that was oh shoot moment, dead Coyote’s are along the road and other road kill, there is even Moose crossing signs, in Montana you will see signs warning that you are in Grizzly country and the landscape looks well suited for a Grizzly’s. Montana is called Big Sky Country and while I was riding it looked liked you could see the curvature of the earth, it’s really that big.


I’m about 20 miles from Glacier National Park so tomorrows ride will be on the road called “Going to the Sun” considered to be one of the top 20 scenic roads in the world. The plan is to then ride from Glacier to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and spend the night there. What I thought was going to be a one maybe two day trip has turned into four days, time to start washing my laundry in the sink.

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