Glacier National Park – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

by eric 12. July 2010 17:38

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is not the exception. The ride on the road “Going to the Sun” is epic, a lady I met in Montana told me that you will believe there is a God after going there, I’m not going to discuss that but I do understand her point of view. Here are some photos I took and I hope you enjoy the pictures. More stories to follow, I’m still on the road in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.


7/16/2010 4:32:31 PM #

Laurie C

OMG!  There is another paradise out there isn't there??  Probably a lot more than I realize!  Thanks for the "travelog" Eric...I absolutely love the pictures and your notes...

Take care..
Laurie C

Laurie C United States

7/22/2010 11:58:13 PM #


Thanks Laurie, I'm really enjoying getting this chance to tour and I hope you continue to take the time to look at my entries.


eric United States

8/3/2010 12:50:36 AM #

michele mason

Awesome photos !!  Stay safe.

michele mason United States

8/6/2010 1:48:32 PM #


Getting ready for the next trip guys, thanks for the comments

eric United States

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