Windsurfing And Off Roading On A Harley

by eric 13. July 2010 15:35

Yesterday there was a wind advisory for the region of Montana that I was riding in, the wind was strong enough to bat me around like a bug and it made for a long ride. I would say it’s the strongest wind I’ve road in, couldn’t use sixth gear because the engine was not strong enough to keep the bike at a steady speed. Luckily the wind did not affect my ride in Glacier National Park.

Then it got harder I’m riding down Highway 200 and there is a sign “Pavement Ends”, it ended with gravel, rocks strewn about the size of my fist and then it got worse, dust storms so strong that you could not see more than a tractor trailer length in front of you. After about 5-6 miles of this the road resumed, took more than 40 minutes to navigate this small stretch. Yesterday was a little over 400 miles and I hit the wall about three times, I thought I might not make it to Coeur D’Alene.

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