4 Days, 1100 Miles, 4 Ferries And Elvis Is Alive

by eric 27. July 2010 03:34

After 4 days, 1100 miles and 4 ferries we made it back. Crossing the Border by boat is quicker than driving across, but driving across this trip was unbelievably quick, just a few questions and we were cleared across. Vancouver Island is pretty but like any island even a big island its one road on and one road off. Our plan worked well we did not have to ride the same road twice to far after we took a ferry off the island.


The ferry is convenient but be prepared to spend close to 90 dollars in ferry fees, its not bad if you think about the hours you get to spend cruising on a boat and you have your bike with you when you arrive at your destination. Riding through Whistler was nice the road is pristine, continuing up 99 and short stretch on 97 we arrived at Clinton. 


Clinton is mentioned in previous post and is a nice place to stop, we met a nice couple Leo and Hedy they are both riders and they were winding down from their road trip. We ended up sharing some pints with Hedy and Leo talking story and just having fun late into the evening, seems to always be the same at the Cariboo Lodge you meet some good people there.


On the way back we had lunch at the Elvis Café and all I can say is it’s weird but in a fun way. Elvis is alive and well somewhere in British Columbia. The riding back through Fraser Canyon is always a nice ride and we crossed the border into Sumas, Washington and continued home.


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