Yellowstone And Beyond The Rockies

by eric 8. August 2010 12:47

Countdown to a big ride; Yellowstone National Park, ride around the park and try to stay away from Bears and whatever creatures might want to eat me. After getting an eyeful of Yellowstone I will ride down to the Grand Tetons and see more of our wonderful landscape. From the Grand Tetons to Rocky Mountain National Park and ride on roads that can be higher than 12,000 feet.  After that I’m not certain of where I’m heading but thinking Million Dollar Highway, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park or the Great Salt Lake; will see how I feel? Hoping to clear my head and ride 2600-3000 miles spending 10-14 days on the road. This will be my first trip that I’m bringing my camping gear hoping that I like it and save some money. The plan is to leave Saturday for an easy ride to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and start the push from there.


8/9/2010 5:27:36 AM #

Montana Frank

"E" Baby!!!! I saw that you snuck into my neighborhood and didn't call me. Glacier National Park!!! I was on Vacation oversees from July 7th thru 22nd, so I think we would have missed each other anyway.  I see you are on a long ride thru Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.  Enjoy.  Next time you come this direction, let me know. You might want to ride the Cheif Joseph Scenic By-way and the north part of Yellowstone thru Gardner, MT. Red Lodge, MT is a really cool town and a great place to stay in the middle of a ride over the Cheif Joseph and into Cody, Wy too. Have fun and I'll try to keep up with where you are better.  Been a busy summer with lots of travel for me and several family visits still to come. Cheers Bubba!!!!!

Montana Frank United States

8/9/2010 6:21:48 PM #


I know I messed up was supposed to be a ride through Lolo Pass and I ended up in Glacier and didn't realize until I got back how close I was to you. You should join me on my ride down to Yellowstone? Speak to you soon, we need to do a ride together and thanks for the info.

eric United States

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