Coeur D’Alene To Kellogg, Idaho To Helena To Bozeman, Montana

by eric 15. August 2010 15:11

Coeur D’Alene was sold out not a room available for 25 miles plan B in effect road to Kellogg, Idaho and stayed at Silver Mountain Resorts, it has it all restaurants, pubs, water park etc like a Disney Park but in Northern Idaho and less money. Heading towards Yellowstone in the morning, don’t think I’ll go into the park because it will be getting late by the time I arrive.


Stopped at Cathedral of Saint Helena in Helena, Montana it was worth the extra miles to get there, it a grand Cathedral and I would never have expected it in Montana, it reminded me of Cathedrals you see in Europe.


Got a small cabin at the KOA in Bozeman, price is good not cheap but better than any hotel room around here, cabin is spacious, has internet and I got to take dip in the pool, you walk to the bathrooms and showers but at least it’s clean. Cooked dinner using my Jetboil nothing fancy but dinner was less than 5 dollars, hard to beat that.


Off to see Yellowstone tomorrow road about 750 miles in the last two days and want to put in a good day of riding tomorrow.

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