Yellowstone National Park

by eric 16. August 2010 14:29

Yellowstone is huge it was a 60 mile drive just to get to Old Faithful Geyser from where I entered and I’m sure you could spend a week there exploring. The most memorable experience for me was the Bison walking down the road towards me, cars are stopped and we are not moving and here comes a two ton animal walking towards us. I left a gap in front of me so I would not get stuck right besides this huge animal. As it walked its head went side to side and it looked like it was looking at me as I passed within seven feet of it; it had really large horns too. No picture, no way was I going to dismount my bike to get the camera out as it came my direction. Yellowstone is something you have to see for yourself, no pictures I’ve taken will do it justice. More to come writing this from my hotel room outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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