Three Tales From The Road – This Is The Wild West

by eric 18. August 2010 14:36

1. I meet Charlie while waiting for Old Faithful to go off and this is his story, he’s riding and soon realizes that he can’t make it to the next gas stop and can’t make it back for gas. Charlie pulls into a town and starts asking around if anyone has gas and he meets a guy on a bike who tells him this just happened to him recently and he has a siphon hose that Charlie can have and off the rider goes. Charlie than asked a guy with a RV if he had any gas he could sell and the guy pulls a pump hose from the back of the RV and fills Charlie’s bike up. Charlie is riding down the road and he sees the biker who lent him the hose pulled over on the side and it turns out he ran out of gas. Charlie siphons half of the gas he just got into the bike and off they go, now that’s good Karma.

2. I’m going down the road doing about 80 mph and I see a car coming down a road on my left and I’m trying to see what they intend to do when out of the corner of my right eye I see something. It’s a Dear a rather large Dear and it’s going to cross in front of me, I apply my brakes hard and sure enough it runs right across my path, fortunately for me it was not really that close but I was surprised that in the middle of nowhere Wyoming that two things were occurring at the same time.

3. The Flag Gal waived me to the front of the stopped line of traffic and proceeds to tell me that it might be a difficult ride but she has faith in me, well ok. Then the driver of the Pilot Car gets out and he’s an old timer and starts to give me the run down on the road and he’s looking at me with this look like do you understand this is going to be hard and now I’m getting worried. He tells me every curve and what to expect and how it was just milled and it rained last night and it’s soft and I’m like is it passable and he said he has faith in me. Off we go pilot car in front of me and I hit my first soft spot and that’s not so bad and then it gets bad, real bad, my front tire plows into the soft dirt cocking to the left and I instinctively give it gas and the rear spins before getting traction and the bike straightens out and that was close. After a few more miles of this nonsense I got better at it and old dirt bike skills came back in a hurry and don’t think I would have fared as well if I never road a dirt bike. This is the second time I’ve been on roads out here that in other parts of the country they would have closed the road, sometimes this really is the Wild West.

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