Crossing Over The Rockies Interstate 70 And State Highway 133

by eric 21. August 2010 03:22

The portion I traveled on Interstate 70 was spectacular with climbs and descents like I never have road; I observed altitudes of more than 10,000 feet a few times. Going through Glenwood Canyon you are surrounded by shear walls of rock you can’t even look up enough to see out of the canyon at times.  Glenwood Canyon is a twisty curvy road that’s a lot of fun on a motorcycle, completed in 1992 it’s the last completed section of the Interstate Highway system.


On I-70 I went through the Eisenhower Tunnel crossing the Continental Divide at an altitude of 11,158 feet it’s the highest point along the Interstate system, the longest tunnel built under the Interstate program and the highest vehicular tunnel in the world.


Highway 133 wow 71 miles of beautiful crosses over McClure Pass at 8,755 feet with a very steep climb as you approach the pass all I could think was wow is this going to keep going up, if you get an opportunity you should take a ride on this road.

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