Zion Was A Bust

by eric 27. August 2010 03:07

I entered Zion National Park with high expectations that quickly faded after sitting in the Sun for 20 minutes in traffic. Hoping it was a brief set back it occurred many more times and almost the entire road was under construction and then not far in front of me was a water truck making the road muddy. At the next stop and with a little cajoling I persuaded the water truck driver to let me in front of him, “what he said was do I prefer dust or a little water”: “I said I can wash the dust off easier than riding and sliding all over the road”. Since most of the road was under construction the lookout points were closed and the only one that was open I drove by not knowing it was going to be my only one. What I saw looked very nice and it’s a good thing I went to Bryce and spent time there.

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