Expenses And Underwear– Learning What Works And What Doesn’t

by eric 1. September 2010 05:57

Going through expenses after 16 days on the road I learned some things; 1 KOA’s are a good bargain, 2 hotels are expensive, 3 if you stay on the move you have to factor in gas expenses and 4 going out to eat and drink will add up. Prior to embarking I did have food with me and there were times I did not have to stop to buy any food, this expense was not factored in. Two of the hotel stays were  not typical, one was in a Resort Village, one was in Jackson Hole an expensive town and the one in Reno was reasonably priced but still more than a KOA. This is a breakdown of most expenses, it includes:

12 Stays at a KOA, 3 Stays at a Hotel, Food and Beverage, Cash and Gas


Taking the advice of an Iron Butt Rider I went to REI and got ExOfficio Boxer Shorts Briefs and at 25 dollars a pair I had my doubts if it was worth it, it was worth every dollar. During my 16 day ride I only used the two pairs and never had to use any of my cotton underwear. At the end of the day into the shower, wash out and hang to dry and unlike cotton this material dries in a matter of hours, they are made of moisture wicking quick drying material and have a Anti-Bacterial surface.


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