16,000+ Miles – 4 Months In Washington

by eric 12. September 2010 08:12

My Road King arrived in Washington 4 months ago and since that time I’ve rode more than 16,000 miles touring 9 States, 10 National Parks, British Columbia and 6 Ferries. I’ve stayed at a few Hotels, many KOA’s and talked story with people from Washington to Idaho, Wyoming to Colorado and Nevada to Oregon.

Eastside Harley Davidson has serviced my bike since arriving in Washington and my experience with them has been nothing but good; it’s also a nice place to offering snacks and hot coffee with free refills. There is one problem with putting on so many miles and that’s maintenance cost, riding more miles in months than most do in years is costly.

My Harley has not let me down but there have been issues and after talking with riders of varying makes I’ve come to the conclusion that motorcycles require more attention and are not as trouble free when compared to cars. If my dealer was not as good as they have been I might not be a satisfied owner. Harley and the Dealers I’ve used have been nothing short of excellent.

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