How Much Does Comfort Cost - Electric Gear

by eric 4. October 2010 09:54

Chilly here in the Seattle area and I’ve been thinking about electric heated riding gear. On my last trip I was able to stay just comfortable and barely at that, I won’t forget what the gas station attendant said to me pulling into a station in Oregon; “I feel sorry for you but you will be over the Pass soon”, it was not soon enough I can tell you that. I’ve decided that I’m going to buy Gerbing electric gloves and maybe buy an electric vest or jacket. It’s a considerable amount of money; gloves are $120-$170, heat controller $70-100, vest or jacket $140-$200 and electric hookup $10-$20. The bottom line it’s going to cost $300 and or even $500 and you could spend a lot more if you purchased pants liners and shoe insole heaters.

So how much does comfort cost a lot and I can say that even without owning electric gear yet I know it’s worth every penny.

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