The Cost Of Comfort Part Two

by eric 6. October 2010 06:55

I thought I would just get heated gloves but I ended up with gloves and a jacket. I tried a vest but dressing lightly because you have heated gear but somehow having to keep your arms warm just didn’t make sense and there is very little additional bulk. The jacket also has built in connectors allowing you to plug the gloves into the sleeve instead of running wires down your sleeve. There is more the jacket in the waist area as multiple connectors so you can power your jacket, gloves and other heated gear and all the connectors are centrally located. I also got the dual temperature controller so I can control the jacket and gloves separately. If you’re wondering I purchased Gerbing heated gear they are the makers of Harley Davidson heated gear and considered one of the premier heated gear makers.

The verdict: went for a 300+ mile ride in temperatures ranging from the high 40’s to the mid 60’s, crossing over Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass and my speeds ranged from town to highway. The short answer is it’s worth every penny; you’re getting cold turn it up, getting warm turn it down.

The ability to dial in a temperature while crossing over the Cascades or any place where you have big temperature changes is just way cool. I had my riding pants on without the liner and I was perfectly warm because my upper body was toasty. The jacket’s collar when zipped up goes all the way to the base of the helmet so even your neck is warm. I’m not sure how cold it has to be to turn the jacket or gloves all the way up; I never even got to half way; when turned all the way up it was way too hot. The gloves are somewhat bulky but pre-molded with some curve in the fingers allowing for a comfortable grip and I was able to stay comfortable even when it got warmer, the same was true with the jacket. The dual controller is a must the temperature my upper body needed and what my hands needs were totally different, I think it would suck to have both on one controller.

One thing I found weird was the disconnect with the environment as I was going up Stevens Pass it got colder, the ground was damp and I turned up the heat; it was strange not feeling how cool it was and something to be aware of if the temperature dropped low enough to make ice patches. I have certain gear that I always travel with and this is a new addition, I won’t travel without my heated gear. For the naysayers I’ve traveled across Eastern Washington and been hot as heck and then across the Rockies in Colorado and barley stayed warm I’ve learned that when you’re on the road you can experience multiple weather conditions.

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