Riding The Pacific Coast Highway

by eric 19. October 2010 06:09

The plan ride down the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon down to Big Sur, California and then head east to Arizona, I’m going to need my electric gear for the entire coastal ride and I should be able to stay warm and comfortable. Leaving Seattle my first planned stop is in Bandon, Oregon I’ve been there before nice town and I look forward to having a burger at McFarlin’s Bar & Grill, then to Manchester, CA. Further on my route I will ride across the Golden Gate Bridge something I’ve wanted to do; another story how the New York guy crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on his Harley. I will keep heading down the coast as long as I can keep warm and then start heading east eventually ending up in Camp Verde, Arizona. When I arrive I should have rode about 2000 miles and plan on staying in the area for a while. I like where Arizona is located and plan on touring the Southwest after seeing much of the Northwest.  Stay tuned I will post when I'm on the move, coming soon.

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