Bandon, Oregon Round Two

by eric 27. October 2010 15:22

Made it 430 miles to Bandon and not too much rain but it did get cold. Had the Gerbing’s on full blast sometimes, I thought there was a problem with my gear I have never even come close to having it all the way up. I pulled over and my Droid X phone told me it was 42 degrees and no sun no way I could have made it this far without heated gear. I have to guess that with the wind chill it was like in the 20’s at 70 mph. Had an excellent burger at McFarlin’s Bar and Grill and found a place to stay that’s half the cost from the last time I stayed (no it’s not as nice). Only 80 or so miles from California should be there tomorrow unless I stay here another night, will get better photos.


Sorry bad pictures it was starting to rain and in the 40's just wanted to keep moving.

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