San Simeon And A One Day Riding Partner

by eric 3. November 2010 16:22

After riding about 330 miles I was starting to feel a little tired and looking at the GPS for places to stay it appeared that I could ride a lot further or look sooner. San Simeon looked nothing like Monterey, Big Sur or Carmel and I was able to get a nice clean cheap room. I grabbed a bite to eat and back to the room, I hear another bike and a guy pulls up on a BMW and we say hello and chat a bit. Later we share some stories; he has traveled quite a bit from the Yukon to Central America and the States. Peter is from British Columbia and was taking his bike to Los Angeles before he gets snowed in up north and then will pick up the bike in a month or so and head south into Mexico. We talk some more and we realize we are going the same way and will ride together the following day. We take old Highway 1 for the most part and only riding on 101 when necessary. Riding Highway feels like yesteryear small towns, a road not designed for interstate speed and it lends to a very nice leisurely pace. We end up in Ventura and split a room and head in different directions the next day. I wish Peter a safe journey and it was nice to have met him.

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