Cruising In The High Desert And Route 66

by eric 6. November 2010 04:46

In high desert country and the weather is spectacular not hot not cold and dry.  Seeing a sign that says Historic Route 66 and head off the highway at Newbury Springs, California, looking for something to drink I go into the Bagdad Café this is somewhere that must have had good days about 50 years ago. It was run down and they were out of everything they only had Seltzer Water a little sad and it shows what happens when you divert traffic away from a place. I asked the guy at the café what’s up a head and his advice was to get back onto the highway at first chance otherwise the road would beat my bike to hell. Well the roadway on Route 66 was so bad that I could not maintain the speed limit and I took the café guy’s advice and got back onto the highway.

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