The Five Hundred Dollar Tire And Moral Support

by eric 9. November 2010 18:54

I take a ride heading north before heading south to Camp Verde, passing through Jerome and Sedona; nice roads, great scenery and just a good ride. I decide to start heading south once I reach Flagstaff it’s getting cool and I want to make it to Camp Verde. Needing gas I decide at the nest exit I will get some and right before the exit I run over something that I did not see. I feel something is not right and pull into the station and fill up and don’t see anything on the tire and think all is well. Then after a rolling a few feet I hear the air rushing out of the tire and I’m like !@#@. I just picked up the biggest bolt I’ve ever seen in a bike tire. I find a spot and start to figure out what to do. There is another bike there and we start talking and Rusty is a fellow traveler and he stays to give me moral support.


I’m more than annoyed I just put this tire on less than 3k ago before the trip and here I have a really big hole in my new tire and I’m in a gas station somewhere. Out comes the tire plug and I think I’ve got in solved, Rusty tells me he will wait five minutes and then follow me to make sure I make it down the road. Ten miles later I feel the back end getting squirrelly and pull over, tire is flat and the plug must have flew out, @#!#!. True to his word Rusty pulls up and keeps me company. Now I’m going to try two plugs, I mean come on that’s got to fix it; Rusty tells me this time he’s going to follow me to keep a eye on the tire. Off we go, a few miles down the road and I see Rusty ride to the shoulder and I feel the bike squirming again. Managing to at least get to a ramp off the highway Rusty tells me he saw the plug fly out of the bike, I’m defeated what to do. The nearest Harley Dealer is 45 miles away, it’s Sunday after 4 pm and this just sucks. Now I need a tow truck, hotel room and hope the Harley Dealer as the tire in stock. The short version of what happened next is that instead of it being a total bummer Rusty and I hang out for the night, eat some food, drink some beer and the following day Harley picks up my bike from the hotel parking lot and replaces the tire and I’m on my way.

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