A Tale From The Road –Driving The Wrong Way On The Highway

by eric 16. November 2010 09:46

While riding down an Arizona Highway I see a car that is in front of me way down the road and I make a mental note that I’m gaining on it rather quickly and continue to ride. I notice the car is in the left lane of the two lane highway and they must be going really slow, my closure rate is just way too high. Now the clear picture the car is in the left hand lane heading West Bound in the East Bound lane, I immediately start to pull to the shoulder while waving my hand in the air trying to get the drivers attention. This old man in a four door full size Lincoln continues to drive, there was no recognition at all from him, eyes locked forward and driving the wrong way on a highway. I pull over to call 911, looking and listening for a big crash, before I could get my phone out I see the other drivers coming and they are all on the phone, I’m sure calling 911.

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