42,000 Miles And Two Years Gone

by eric 24. January 2011 07:31

Two years ago I got my first Harley Davidson a new Road King, it’s the Harley I wanted when I first saw it in 1991 and at the time it was called an Electraglide Sport. In two years I’ve rode in 12 States and British Columbia covering more than 42,000 miles. These are the places I stayed at Seattle, Crescent City, Laramie, Poipu, Lewiston,  Coeur D'alene, Ventura, Ely, Reno, Cortez, Richfield, Gualala, Whitefish, Estes Park, Prescott, Camp Verde, Issaquah, Salem, Bandon, Wickenburg, Clinton, Vancouver Island, Winthrop, Redmond, Salem, Madras, Eureka, San Simeon, Pomona, Orofino, Needles, Cedar City, Jackson Hole, Christina Lake, Bozeman, Mt Shasta.

In the last 9 months I went to 11 National Parks, hit one dog, had one flat tire, rode in the rain for hundreds of miles, got to ride with fellow travelers and just able to do some of my dreams.  Not sure what’s next except that I can’t stop time or turn it back, stay tuned.

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