Dowco Rally Pack Luggage System – Nice Product And A Good Buy

by eric 10. December 2011 05:51

This is an FYI the Dowco Rally Pack has got to be one of the best buys out there. You get a decent size main bag, a roll bag, bungee net and a vinyl liner (water proofing) for the roll bag. The mounting straps/hardware has held up for thousands of miles and they attach easily to my luggage rack. It’s kept my things dry and with two bags I’ve got more options; instead of one big bag. The bungee net and the vinyl liner I truthfully have never used, but others might. This can easily be found for less than $100 dollars and even at the suggested price of $101.99 it’s a bargain. The Holiday’s are coming up it would make a great gift and an excuse for a road trip.

Check it out.,ProductName

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