Three Years Riding And Looking For Outlaws

by eric 27. January 2012 03:09

Weather is not bad here a little cold but nothing that would stop you from riding. Heading to Tombstone solo nothing I haven’t done before as most of my trips have been solo. There is something nice about riding alone there are no distractions, I enjoy the sights at my pace and I can plan my routes and not worry about it. Well maybe next time my riding buddy Charlie will make the trip. Anyway Tombstone is the home of The O.K. Coral where the Earps had the infamous shoot out with the McLaury’s and Clanton aka the Cowboys.

This road trip coincides with three years of owning my Road King. The bike has not be entirely problem free but all the problems where fixed under warranty and with more than 49,000 miles I can’t really complain. I added a Tour-Pac recently but overhaul the bike is stock and the most comfortable bike I’ve owned or ridden. I didn’t get much riding in last year so I’m starting this year on the right track with my first road trip early in the year.



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