The Show Must Go On Tombstone Style

by eric 28. January 2012 04:46

Walking around and I see three men dressed like the Earps come out and the I see what I knew to be Doc Holiday and at the end of the street I see a bunch of Cowboys, mmmm what do we have here. It’s the start of the show, the Mayor is telling the Earps that the Cowboys are causing trouble and the Earps are telling Doc Holiday to mind his own business. The Earps proceed down the block and confront the Cowboys and this is how the show starts on the streets of Tombstone for all to see. After a few minutes of yelling and a few well placed hits with the butt of a rifle and the heel of a six shooter we end up at the O.K. Corral. At this point they had me and into the show I went, the cost is $10.00 dollars which I thought it was well spent, anyway check it out and here are some poor pictures taken with my Cell phone, I was not expecting the show.




Here is the video I shot with my cell phone.


Gunfight At The O.K. Corral - Click Here

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