Fuel Moto Power Package Review

by eric 7. April 2012 09:47

After more than 52k miles I wanted to upgrade the lean running stock engine, I wanted more power especially living in an area where the posted highway speed is 75mph. I called Fuel Moto and after speaking with Jamie I ordered the 4 inch slash up Jackpot mufflers, Dynajet Power Commander V tuner and a Fuel Moto Stage One air cleaner.

I received the package from Fuel Moto on Thursday I ordered it on Friday.  Less than 2 hours later everything was installed, the hardest part was routing the wire for the Power Commander. The overhaul install was easy, the instructions were clear and I would think most could do it with no problem. With everything done the first thing I noticed was how good the pipes look on the bike. To me the larger diameter muffler ascetically looks more pleasing and I really like how the slash-up follow the lines of the saddlebags. I’ve had nothing but positive comments on the pipes.

The moment of truth time to start it up; has soon as I started the bike you could hear the bark, it sure sounds like a Harley now. It’s going to take a while getting used to it’s definitely louder than stock. Two of my friends says it’s not obnoxious that’s a good thing to me; it does have a good bark when you get on the gas but quiets down when cruising. After riding so many miles with stock pipes it sounds sort of loud and it’s probably me more than anything else.

Throttle response right away felt improved; it seems to take a lot less effort to pull away from a stop. Roll on power has improved and now I pay attention because I was passing a car at about 55 mph I rolled on the gas and I completed my pass and when I looked down I was doing 80 mph.

I also did some aggressive starts and for the first time I went through the gears with a sense of urgency. Usually I think of my bike as a truck going through the gears, build revs slowly then shift, it build revs a lot quicker and when I looked down at the speedometer I was like wow that was quick.

Cruising down the highway as improved too, passing is easier, maintaining a steady speed is easier and the overall feel of the motor is just better. For some reason the bike seems to feel smoother at highway speeds as if there is less vibration, could be my imagination. I have to remember to shift into a higher gear because the bike sounds so much better that I’m delaying my shift, before the bike sounded like it wanted to grenade itself and I wanted to short shift it. For those that like to ride faster I can tell you the bike pulls a whole lot faster to 100 mph, I’m not sure if the actual top speed as increased yet. 

First tank of of gas (191 miles) I averaged 39 mpg which I think was very good. There was a mix of aggressive riding and taking it easy, my last tank on the stock setup got 42 mpg. The second tank of gas (160 miles) I averaged 42 mpg, about 60 miles of highway at 70-80 mph and the rest was 55-70 mph country roads. Stock the best I got was around 46 mpg and the worse I got was less than 36 mpg; it does not appear that there is a big difference between stock and stage one at this time.

I had one negative; the bike was harder to start following Harley’s recommended procedure. I called Fuel Moto and they said see if it’s better by not waiting for the fuel pump to prime just start the bike. I’ve been doing it that way and it starts as fast as before if not easier, so now it’s just a matter of retraining me. Now I flick the kill switch on, hit the start button bike starts right, not a hiccup in the last 350 miles.

Thanks to the people at Fuel Moto for putting together a quality package at a good value.

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