Just Another Ride To Laughlin

by eric 19. April 2012 12:42

This is my third trip to Laughlin, Nevada in less than two months. Getting to Laughlin is a nice ride and there are inexpensive places to stay.  Me and my riding partner Charlie had nice weather getting there, but the return weather was not very good. It was what I called a three glove trip because I had to use three different gloves; it was also the first time I’ve had to ride in the rain since September. Some pictures we took, the picture of the rat Harley was a guy we met, Jeff wrote a book about his travels and he has hundreds of thousand miles on his 1982 Harley. We were so busy BS’ing that I forgot to write down the name of the book, he showed it to us and I forgot the title; I really wish I could find it.




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