I’ve Got The Compensator Blues

by eric 5. August 2012 17:37

This is what a stock compensator looks like after 57,233 miles. It began with noise from the primary under light load like pulling away from a stop. It progressively got worse loud enough that my buddy could hear it when I was pulling away from a stop.

After the fix the bike starts easier, noise is gone, bike shifts easier and no clunk when shutting the bike off. Overall there feels like there in an increase in power across the whole range and less vibration. It was not a difficult job and I’m gaining confidence working on my own bike.

Surgery is about to begin


Compensator is the part to left that the primary chain is around.


Looks more than a little worn out.




I'm glad I did the job myself, less than 6k miles before it was checked by a dealer; I chalk this one up as my first bad experince with a Harley Dealer who either chose not inspect it or just didn't care, either way my bike will not be going back to that dealership.


Time for a road trip

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