Road Oddities And An Aussie - Equal One In The Same

by eric 5. September 2012 14:36

Riding up to the Grand Canyon I come upon the Yabba-Dabba-Doo welcome sign I have no idea why anyone would create it except to make you smile. In the park I meet Brent, he’s wearing shorts, a tank-top and he’s riding a bike he purchased in Nevada over the internet while in Australia. I also notice the bike as no license plate and Brent as been riding all over the place like that, I ask him had he been pulled over; he says no. Leave it to an Aussie, riding around the United States no plate, no cloths and not a care in the world. Nice guy and we talk story, ride the park together and I wished him safe journeys; he’s in route to Oregon and California.


All it says is Las Vegas Harley Davidson, I really liked this guy; only on the road will you meet people like this.


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