100 Miles Of Twist And Turns And Shattered Nerves

by eric 1. October 2012 03:10

I started off on Yokohl Drive to Highway 190 and then onto the Western Divide Highway if you like turns, rural roads, wildlife looking at you, up-shifting, down-shifting, unmarked decreasing radius turns, logging trucks around blind corners, then this is the roads for you. Even though I’ve ridden the Devil’s Highway these roads were far more challenging with many first gear turns, turns with rising crests and deer on the side of the road made for a day I was actually longing for the interstate. Some of the most challenging roads I’ve ridden you could not help but to be wide awake, certainly not recommended for novices. Still it was fun riding through the high Sierras, passing towns named Ponderosa, Quaking Aspen and Camp Nelson I might have to do it again one day; I even know a nice place to stay in Kernville.





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