Geezer Glide Mafia

by eric 23. November 2012 18:05

I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse and I’m part of the Geezer Glide Mafia now, well not really. My bud Charlie and I decided to go for a ride down to Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson, big mistake J. Anyway I see this 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK (that’s a mouthful) with 7300 miles and I thought that’s a really nice looking bike, you know what happened next. Two hours later the Road King was gone and I rode home on my new bike to me.

The Road King was running fine but after more than 62,000 miles it was starting to feel old. The Limited is more than 100lbs heavier but feels tighter and it’s been an easy adjustment. Standard on the Limited is the following; ABS, Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD/WB/ radio, CB/Intercom, heated grips, fairing lowers, Tour Pac with speakers and the 103ci motor. To quote Harley Davidson “This limited model comes fully-loaded to ride a step above the rest on all the miles ahead.” If you want a nicer Electra Glide you’ll have to get a CVO model.

It’s the 103ci motor that’s standard on the Limited that I immediately like the most. I did the Stage One on my RK but I think this pulls nicer and will be even better after I do the Stage One upgrade. I wasn’t sure if there would be that big of a difference but I’m down shifting a whole lot less with the 103 motor. I’ve now rode more than 600 miles and I can say the motor is a big improvement over the 96 motor.

Having a full fairing a radio and a full set of gauges is something I’m getting used to. The “Batwing” fairing makes for a peaceful riding experience and is absent of any wind buffeting. The four speaker radio can easily be heard at 80 mph and I really enjoy it.  Styling wise I think the Road King is a nicer bike, but the Limited is hands down better when comparing function over form. Small things like a power outlet in the trunk, the heated grips or the Aux port for an MP3 player really add up to nice conveniences.

Now to start planning some trips, I think the miles are going to go by easier with this full on touring bike. Already it’s less fatiguing than the Road King and that was the most comfortable bike I’ve ever owned. I’m starting to get this comfort thing now that I own a Geezer Glide. 






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