Lake Havasu Ride And Thank You Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson

by eric 29. November 2012 08:26

Lake Havasu and the first road trip with the Electra Glide Limited; the good the bike is very comfortable, the bad I’m having a throttle problem. The E-Glide is a very very nice ride, no wind buffeting, stereo is clear and ample storage space. After Riding around Lake Havasu I found a place to stay across the street from a restaurant called Cha-Bones. Cha-Bones had a Monday Night Football special and the appetizers “Tapas” where half price. It was the savior of Lake Havasu, the tapas was excellent everything from, Oysters to Hummus to Poke to Asian Dumplings, needless to say no one was hungry when they left. Lake Havasu was not really my kind of place; I like a little quainter atmosphere but if I owned a boat it would have been a great place to stay.

Unfortunately the throttle felt like it was going on and off making for an unpleasant experience which was also somewhat exhausting. I called Buddy Stubbs as soon as got home and they said bring it in no appointment was necessary. Rode down the following day and two hours later the problem was fixed thanks to Buddy Stubbs service department.




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