Cheap Discreet Ipod Solution

by eric 4. December 2012 11:02

This was free for me since I owned the components already. I had purchased an FM transmitter to play my Ipod through my car radio and had a remote that attached to the Ipod that allowed me too remotely do basic operations for my Ipod. The Tour-Pac came with a power point in it and was also located very close to the radio antenna allowing for great reception from the FM tiny transmitter. I used Velcro to attach the remote to the fairing and I was done; no exposed wires just tune the radio to the station for the transmitter hit play and you’re good to go.

In my car the transmitter would sometimes have issues with radio interference but so far I’m not having any issues wit it located in the Tour-Pac (it’s very close to the antenna). I also had an issue with the Ipod Classic skipping (hard drive version) when I placed it in the fairing lowers that too seems to be gone; a side note I never had a problem with the Classic when it was in my pocket when riding.

This remote is similar to what I have except mine is an older version and it’s been on my bike for three years in all kinds of weather without a problem.

FM Transmitters can easily be found in any automotive department for less than $40 dollars, some will recharge your Ipod at the same time and have other features you choose what works best for you.

Ipod remote

More of the dash

GPS mount

iJet remote module 

Ipod protected in a small case

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