Fuelmoto Power Package Redone

by eric 19. February 2013 15:29

I waited 51,000 miles before I purchased the Fuelmoto Power Package for my 09 Road King, not this time. The 103ci motor in the Electra Glide pulls strong but also pings at times, my goal is to eliminate that. The other added benefit that I’m hoping to gain is added power, cooler running motor, better sound and maybe better gas mileage.

I called the folks at Fuelmoto who answered all of my questions and this time I’m going with the Dynojet Power Vision unit, I had used the Power Commander 5 before. The Power Vision unit looks like a small GPS, when attached you can view many functions and make some adjustments but the real power is using the WinPV Software; of course it comes preloaded with the correct map from Fuelmoto. When the unit is removed there are no visible add-ons to the bike, once less connection and I like that. Like my last bike I went with Fuelmoto’s Stage One Air Filter and their 4” Slash Up Jackpot Mufflers.

The install was easy, slip on new mufflers, replace air filter and the easiest part was flashing the ECM and loading the Fuelmoto map. The bike sounds great, not too loud but loud enough to appreciate it, started easy, pulls stronger and my gas mileage is a little better.

Jackpot 4 inch slash-up mufflers, Fuelmoto stage one air cleaner, Dynojet Power Vision

Air filter installed

Muffler about to go on

 I like the way the mufflers follow the lines of the saddle bags

 Note the larger diameter of the pipes

 Good sound without being obnoxious

 They look big because they are

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