Two Lakes – Scenic Views – The Ride To Alpine

by eric 3. July 2013 04:15

IT’s hot in central Arizona with days well into triple digits time to head to cooler temps. Off to Alpine the temperature during the day was in the mid-eighties falling to the mid-forties at night. Alpine’s elevation is more than 8,000 feet and the cooler temps were welcomed. Alpine Cabins is located right in town and within walking distance of two restaurants, a general store and even a small pub; it truly was one stop shopping. Tip the general store makes really good sandwiches and it’s across the street from the cabins.

The following day a ride down Route 191 aka the Devils Highway stopping at the scenic Blue Vista lookout for spectacular views. Then off to Big Lake situated at 9,000 feet with a normal high of 75 degrees in July it made for a pleasant ride and more great views. Feeling the need to explore some and located just a few miles outside of Alpine was Luna Lake for more sights.

The weather cooperated for the ride home staying just cool enough for wearing all the gear. Three days and 650 miles it was back to heat with predicted temps around 110 degrees.

Cabin in Alpine

Cabin in Alpine, located right in town.

Blue Vista Lookout about six miles south of Hannagans Meadow

Blue Vista Lookout about six miles south of Hannagans Meadow

Big Lake

A lookout heading to Big Lake

A lookout heading to Big Lake and damage from the Wallow Fire.

Luna Lake

Luna Lake


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