Pikes Peak Worth Waiting A Day

by eric 13. August 2013 04:07

Riding from Idaho Springs to Pikes Peak the weather was lousy but the weather protection on the Geezer Glide is very, very good. Due to the weather Pikes Peak is only open for 13 miles of the 19 miles; I was spending the night in the area and decided to wait for tomorrow hoping it would be open in its entirety. The following morning I was off and it was now open to the summit. It’s Pikes Peak and it’s exactly as cool as you think. Having watching racers tackle it for many years it was a blast to ride. The entire road is paved now except the last 50 yards and it’s nicely paved.

I forgot to take a picture the following day showing the entire road was open.

 The Summit








 On the way down


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